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Charteroak Holiday Lodges in CornwallCharteroak Holiday Lodges in Cornwall

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We speak a great deal right now about how ‘the world is a different place, to what it used to be’ with Covid being the highlight of that conversation.  

The world is a different place with every year that passes and we are constantly filled with change where we have had to adapt.  Ok, so we have had to change and adapt in a huge way in the most recent of times and although there is inevitable anxiety of what to do and pre-empting what may happen around the corner, we must also look to how we can be part of the future and that future should (in our opinion) definitely have a holiday planned in it.

Covid restrictions being eased further is very much welcomed by many businesses and the tourism industry as a whole. But is it important for the longevity of these restrictions that we continue to be aware and respectful of each other and the environment.

Here at Charteroak we are working closely with Visit Cornwall to promote this.  We are lucky enough that our luxury lodges provide a natural private space to holiday with family and friends.  They provide a serenity to enable you to escape, unwind and relax.  In fact everything you need for a wonderful holiday. One where you have been working hard for and deserve now more than ever.

As this blog is written, the aptly named song ‘holiday’ is playing in the background with lyrics such as ‘we’ve got to get together, take some time to celebrate’. Puts it all into simple perspective really doesn’t it? Cornwall will undoubtedly be busy over the coming months, it’s a popular holiday destination with much to explore.  Though it is big enough that you can still have your privacy, our locations are very much testament to that.  But if you are looking to explore further afield whilst here, Visit Cornwall have some advice for all travellers: 

Book, Respect, Protect & Enjoy

To look after yourself, others, the environment, and our local community, and to ensure you have the best holiday please remember the following.

Book: Book ahead, and just like last year it’s not just the accommodation you need to book in advance for but also dining, attractions and activities – this will ensure you can get the most out of your stay in Cornwall and are not disappointed.

Respect:  Please respect the countryside by keeping to the countryside code and respect local communities, as well as other visitors, by always showing tolerance and patience.  If you’d like further information, please click on the link below.

Protect:  Don’t forget to be aware of all Government public health guidance – Hands, Face, Space

Enjoy:  Please enjoy your stay with us and we hope you now can make those memories that will last a lifetime and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

They are simple to remember and will ensure everyone gets to have a safe holiday filled with many happy memories.

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