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Charteroak Holiday Lodges in CornwallCharteroak Holiday Lodges in Cornwall

The power of Spring

What do you think of when you think of the Spring season?

Warmer weather, longer days, daffodils and blossom?  These are all things that seem to poke through from the cold, dark, gloomy days that the Winter can bring and somehow make us feel brighter, happier and more hopeful. Spring is in fact just that…a hopeful season.  It brings transformation and change, from dark mornings to light, from colder nights to warmer, from the grey and dullness of mother nature to the bright bursts of colour.  It’s a time for ‘Spring cleans’ new starts, growth in the gardens and the arrival of new animals.

So, as we reach the Spring of 2021, all those positive elements are so very much welcomed after 12 months of great uncertainty, we are filled with hope for a brighter future.  Who would have thought we would be taking vaccinations to be able to travel freely here in our home country, yet it has provided a positive outlook to so many? The effects of the past year have certainly highlighted what we should be grateful for, which is why so many are simply dreaming of getting away, being able to travel, meet up with friends and family and get back to a slight ‘old normality’.

Cornwall has certainly been a popular destination and it’s no wonder why, with the vast space, wonderful landscapes, beautiful views and so many activities to do both on the coast and inland countryside.

Holidaymakers continue to come back year after year too as Cornwall provides a unique experience whenever you come to stay.  In fact, so many have since become owners of their own holiday home.  Our luxury lodges have become very popular with many this year due to the investment opportunities they provide in subletting and in general the investment in your own leisure time making wonderful memories.

There is always room to discover another hidden gem of local produce and there’s something about the pace here in Cornwall, it seems to slow as soon as you drive over the border, taking a weight off your shoulders and into ‘holiday mode’ (that is of course if there are no traffic jams!)

There are a multitude of reasons to visit Cornwall and choose as the destination for your 2021 and future holidays or location of your very own holiday home, but we don’t need to list them here for you, Cornwall speaks for itself.  Simply go to to discover more.  
Don’t wait too long to book that break away though, here at Charteroak we have had a huge surge in demand and availability decreasing by the day. 
If you would you like to discover more about booking your very own luxury holiday or furthermore enquire about owning your own piece of luxury, read more here on our website. 

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