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Charteroak Holiday Lodges in CornwallCharteroak Holiday Lodges in Cornwall


Vast open skies are a defining feature in Cornwall, and on a clear night the whole universe lights up to tell the story of the stars.

There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than lying beneath the night sky, thinking about myths and legends that have been passed down through the centuries and appreciating for just a moment how insignificant we are when faced with a whole universe of possibilities. In days gone by they were our guiding light, a map of the stars provided a map of the world, allowing the greatest navigators to transverse oceans in search of distant lands and inspiring some of the most profound legends in Greek mythology. Astronomy (the study of the stars) is one of the oldest sciences; humans have always been mesmerised by the secrets of the night sky and it’s not surprising that we continue to be so.

Unfortunately in the industrial world that we now live in, with cities that never sleep, and the seeming necessity for artificial light to blot out the dark, light pollution is becoming a growing issue for anyone who wants to read the story of the stars.  Which is why designated Dark Sky Reserves are being set up around the world to prevent the stars from being completely blotted out. The reasons for this are simple: astronomers are still learning from the stars, new and important discoveries are being made all the time and, as well as this, the night sky is simply an integral part of our lives, so it’s imperative that we protect it.

In Cornwall, we’re lucky to have relatively little light pollution, however, there are still some areas better than others for admiring the stars and these have become part of the ‘Dark Sky Discovery Network.’ Located in Bedruthan, Carnewas is renowned for its lack of light pollution and as such has officially been accredited with Dark Sky Discovery status, the dramatic landscape of rugged coast marked with majestic stone stacks making Carnewas one of Cornwall’s best loved stargazing spots. As night falls the stone stacks become imposing inky shadows under a blanket of twinkling stars and the captivating glow of the Milky Way.


  • Credit: Benjamin Evans - Bedruthan Steps
  • Credit: Benjamin Evans - Bedruthan Steps

Then there’s Trelissick Gardens. Perched at the head of the Fal Estuary, don’t be fooled by its proximity to Truro – it’s far enough away to make it a great stargazing spot. With winding garden paths and still, moonlit waters, it’s an incredibly peaceful place to visit when night falls.

St Agnes and Chapel Porth are also free from light pollution and have been classified with Dark Sky status. Their coastal location adds to the impact, with waves crashing against the shore and steep cliffs housing mineshafts that tower around you as you gaze upwards to drink in the stars. Although, make sure not to venture too far and remember a torch, as the coast path does get steep in this area. Inland, Godolphin Hill provides a 360-degree cosmic vista with no artificial lights close by and plenty of native wildlife to admire alongside the stars. Closer to your lodge at Southern Halt, on the eastern edge of Bodmin Moor, you’ll find the granite tor, ‘The Cheesewring’. Legend has it that this rock stack came into being after a stone throwing contest between a Christian saint and a giant hill. The historical site commands panoramic rural views and you’re sure to be spellbound by its starlit sky and mystical tales.

So fill up a flask, pack your cosiest blankets and head to the coast for a truly awe-inspiring experience, watch shooting stars graze across the sky and admire the map of life strung out in pinpricks of light, suspended in time.

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