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Charteroak Holiday Lodges in CornwallCharteroak Holiday Lodges in Cornwall

Seasons of change

As we say another farewell to Summer, you may also have had to say other goodbyes of recent.  Some of which will have had a huge impact on you and some such as the Queen passing and saying goodbye to Boris may not have had any impact on your day-to-day life but will naturally have an impact on the country and perhaps provide new ‘norms’ that will only come to light in time.

With each goodbye there is always another ‘hello’ which brings with it an element of change, of which not everyone may choose to embrace. With the change in season, it gets warmer/colder/windier/wetter, and for some an element of dread when Autumn/Winter arrive due to the darker mornings/evenings and the cold weather making them feel a little ‘down’.

A change in home or work life can sometimes feel like a battle or an uphill struggle as we wish that good things ‘just stayed the same’.  

It’s how we deal with our time and how we prioritise it.  Embracing change and all it provides, sifting out the goodness and ploughing energy into the things that make us happy.  Appreciating what we have in health, family and friends and investing further, but not when it’s too late - making that a priority now.

We can all want and dream for more but appreciating what we have will ensure that any future change will have a firm foundation to work from. 

So, as we say our farewells we must look positively to the new hello’s.

Book that time away with family, wrap up warm on the cold walks and feel the freshness of the wind on your face, listen to friends’ stories over a cuppa, snuggle up warm with loved ones by the fire or simply dance the silly dance in the kitchen with the little ones.   Making time for friends and family is the best tonic for any change.

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