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Charteroak Holiday Lodges in CornwallCharteroak Holiday Lodges in Cornwall

Why June makes us feel just a little bit smug!

Could this be the best time to holiday in the South West ?

June is one of the most favoured months for those who are lucky enough to live in the beautiful South West.  It is a time when you are very likely to see self-satisfied social posts of smiling locals enjoying empty beaches, beautiful weather and long hours of daylight.  June is a time when all the beauties of Cornwall and Devon are there for taking, so is the ideal time to travel for couples and young families who aren’t tied to school holidays.

Relaxed Vibes

The pre-holiday season bliss is evident on the broad smiles of the business owners and residents of popular holiday towns across the South West during June.  Having emerged from a sleepy Winter and faced the early busy period of Easter and May half term, June is a relatively relaxed period leading up to the main peak season, where people have time to relax, play and rally enjoy the beauty of where they live.  Come and soak up the positive feels with your very own chilled out June break in Cornwall or Devon.   

Plenty of Space on the Sand        

Visit the South West Coast during June and you will find acres of prime beach space to call your own.  Whether you are seeking a perfect picnic spot, a snooze in the dunes or a walk along the tideline, the picture-perfect beaches of Devon and Cornwall are definitely less inhabited during June.  There are decidedly less windbreaks to navigate as you walk to the sea and much less risk of stumbling over sandcastles and sea water pits, leaving your photos filled with nothing but beautiful, scenic beach, that will be the envy of all at home.      

Dine with a Sea View

A June getaway will give you your pick of all the best tables in the most sought-after restaurants.  Grab the sea view spots without having to book, and treat yourself to a spontaneous lunch, without planning in advance.  There are some beautiful restaurants to discover, close to our parks so you can spend your holiday finding your favourite.

Sea Salt Adventures

The water temperature in June has reached a much less bracing level as it heads to its summer peak, and is more than comfortable for wild swimming.  Take a dip at a secluded cove, or make the most of week-day quiet times by booking onto a surf lesson or kayak tour, to try out new ways of enjoying the sea.

Peaceful Visits

If you are wanting to visit some of our most popular local attractions, June is the ideal time to do it.  Our local gardens are blooming with Summer colour, historic properties can be explored amidst quiet contemplation and even the most popular sights will have a little more breathing space than during the Summer months.

If you want to capture some of the magic of June and return to work with your very own smug smile, book your break today.  We are offering up to 10% off our June breaks at Stonerush Lakes and Southern Halt, giving you just one more reasons to feel pleased with yourself!

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