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Charteroak Holiday Lodges in CornwallCharteroak Holiday Lodges in Cornwall

A birds eye view

It’s not uncommon through the Winter months as you look up into the sky to see the spectacle that is the murmuration of starlings when more birds come across from Europe to join our residents.

The murmurations are believed to act as giant signposts, attracting all the other starlings in the area so that all the birds can roost together…Safety in numbers!...When there are thousands of birds all wheeling and turning together, it makes it much harder for predators to single out one particular bird.  But whatever the reason it is a sight to behold of the teamwork they show off so eloquently and really assists in slowing us down by watching them travel.

Looking after the environment and its wildlife is important to Stonerush Lakes and Southern Halt and the locations have been developed with this still very much at the heart, making them the perfect location for not just those who wish to escape the fast pace of day to day life but also an array of birds through the year. You’ll find waterfowl and Mallards aplenty around the lakes, slowly paddling through with not a care in the world, and as the morning sun rises you’ll be treated to the morning song of the wrens. Take your cuppa out onto the decking on a crisp morning and you’ll be treated to your natural neighbours… the beautiful Goldfinch or Pied Wagtails, then marvel at the grace of the buzzards flying above.

It’s not often in this busy world we are really able to appreciate the beauty that is a bird in flight gliding through the sky, a duck paddling through the water or being able to hear the wonder of a birds calling song.  But when you take yourself away from the day to day life that is work and allow yourself some serenity, you truly are able to refuel the mind and refocus.  There’s certainly something to be said about holidaying in a lodge with Chartertoak.

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