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The Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy: More than a soak

28 July 2016
The Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy
Owning a hot tub in your holiday home is undoubtedly one of life’s little luxuries. But it’s more than just a nice-to-have. It adds value to your lodge and most importantly, it’s great for your health and wellbeing. Many of our Charteroak owners tell us they feel energised and often sleep better after a soak. It’s also a lovely way to bond with your loved ones. Here are just some of the benefits of hot tubbing through the seasons:

Shoot the breeze
Conversations seem to lighten, the mood changes and life pauses in the hot tub. Soaking in warm water seems to do something rather remarkable. It becomes a relaxing and private space for you to switch off from distractions and focus on the important things. Conversations flow and relationships grow. The magic of hot tubs doesn’t end here.

Soak up the views
Whether you’re stargazing or watching the sun rise, life in a hot tub can be a beautiful experience throughout the seasons. That’s the beauty of them! Simply bring a warm robe with you tub-side in the cooler months and take a soothing warm dip surrounded by the stunning vistas of Cornish countryside, sparkling lakes and panoramic views that will take your breath away.

Arthritis benefits
Yes, the rumours are true! Hot tubs can also help ease arthritis pain. Soaking in warm water produces hydrostatic pressure on the body that results in reduced joint inflammation. Hot tubs can not only provide you with the soothing warm water but also the buoyancy needed to release tension and improve your mobility. Of course, the use of hot water or heat is recommended for many people with arthritis but not all. For more information, always consult your doctor.

Healing powers
Hot tubs aid your physical wellness in three different ways. Firstly, the heat increases your circulation by dilating blood vessels, buoyancy can relieve joint stress by reducing your weight and powerful jets relieves tension with massage. All of these elements combined provide a variety of health benefits that helps to boost wellbeing and soothe those aches and pains.

Sleep therapy
Having a soak in the hot tub before bed can often lead to a sounder sleep. Many of us suffer from disturbed sleep or insomnia more than once a week. Not enough sleep can mean you’re not getting the quality of life you need. Many specialists believe that insomnia can be traced to stressful lifestyles, which is why chilling out in a spa regularly can often aid sleep.

Inspired by the great outdoors, prospective buyers or renters seeking a luxury, hassle-free holiday home in the South West will be tempted by our choice of detached luxury lodges available, our stunning locations and our commitment to service. Many lodges come furnished with a private hot tub. Call us today and find out why so many people have chosen Charteroak for their holiday home experience.

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