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Charteroak Holiday Lodges in CornwallCharteroak Holiday Lodges in Cornwall

Reasons to buy a holiday home

We never tire from viewing our luxury lodges and reading the wonderful reviews of our guests and owners who come to stay. We also never want to become complacent of the wonderful experience the lodges provide during the numerous holidays taken throughout the year, but why should anyone purchase their own holiday lodge as opposed to a holiday home made from bricks and mortar?

Whatever the type of build, whether you are wanting to take lots of breaks throughout the year, share holidays with your extended family or purchase with the plan of subletting and gaining valuable income, you will always have somewhere to go to at the drop of a hat, a place to escape, to reset, to rejuvenate and to make more wonderful memories. There are lots more reasons too. Here are some and why you should choose Charteroak…

Get the best of both worlds – holidays AND valuable income
What could be better, a place to escape to time and time again throughout the year and when you are not using it, being able to gain income through subletting?  We have a strong partnership with Sykes holidays UK who manage all that is needed to sublet your property which means you needn’t worry about anything other than where to put the income gained and when you’re next coming to stay!

Everything ready for you as soon as you turn the key
All of our lodges come fully furnished in modern co-ordinated décor which means you can simply start unpacking as soon as you open the door.  You don’t even need to unpack a kettle!  From your bed to a teaspoon to stir your first cuppa, everything is ready for you inclusive of the price you pay. It really is that easy!

Comfort throughout the year
Our lodges are built to the highest standard to meet all seasons in comfort.  The insulation means you are able to keep snug and warm in the winter months and cool within the warmer periods. Our locations are open all year round so you can have a holiday each season!

Secluded location
Both of our locations provide tranquillity for you to escape to.  No noisy roads just the noise of birds in the trees or the trickling of water in the lake and streams. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, you really are able to switch off and relax.

Unique lodge designs
We have lodges available for you to purchase today and move in by the end of next week, all unique in their design, with sunken hot tubs on the private decking and open plan living.   We even have lodges with their own cinema room, spa bath, sauna, gym, or roof top terrace.  Perhaps you are looking for something else, in which case we offer opportunities on plots for bespoke designing with our lodge partners.  A unique lodge just for you and your loved ones to enjoy making many wonderful memories. All of which you can have at the fraction of the cost of buying a traditional holiday home cottage.

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Easy to buy
Up until here we haven’t given any main differences in buying a lodge from a holiday house/cottage but buying a holiday lodge is nothing like buying a holiday house/cottage it’s a much simpler process with no stamp duty required or long lengthy processes (a much lesser expense!)

Our team make it simple and straightforward ensuring that before anything is signed and agreed, all your questions are answered, and you are happy with the location and choices. We have had owners start a holiday in their new luxurious lodge within 10 days of making their initial enquiry! (much less stressful than buying a house!)  If you have already carried out your research this also could be you if our locations tick off all your boxes.  (We do encourage all potential owners to research all options and get all their questions answered).

Questions to ask yourself

We understand buying a luxury lodge is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, they are a high valued product and there are lot so questions you should ask yourself whilst carrying out your research, here are just some to get you started:

Where in the UK do you want to come back to time and time again? Remember you’ll be returning, so the destination you choose for your lodge is an important initial question. 

What is your budget? There are lodges of all types out there on the market with a large range of budgets.  Make sure you don’t exceed the budget you have affordably set; you’ll end up questioning your decision rather than loving your lodge.

Do your research.  It’s a competitive market and lodges come in all shapes, sizes and builds.  Make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company.  All of our lodges are made of the finest timber, though some in the market even though classed as a ‘lodge’ have not one inch of timber in them.

Who will be using the lodge? Do you intend to bring the whole family or is it just for two?  Don’t be persuaded to buy a larger lodge for the one or two family holidays you MIGHT have.  If it’s for the two of you having several breaks through the year, accommodate yourself for that.

Write a list of all your questions and concerns and make sure you compare. You will undoubtedly have a number of questions and it’s important to get them answered.  Understand what additional costs will need to be paid other than for the lodge itself.  Compare with other locations too so you get a clearer picture.

There are more points to consider, but hopefully the above will help you get a step closer to holiday lodge ownership with lots of happy times to be had.

If we have got you thinking about owning your own luxury holiday lodge, why not get in touch and discover more, we’d love to speak with you!

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